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Make-up during and after chemotherapy

As a qualified make-up artist based in Putney, South West London I offer all the regular make-up services for weddings, photo shoots and special occasions etc. As a cancer survivor myself, I am very passionate about giving something special to fellow cancer patients.

Thankfully I have now been in remission from breast cancer for 15 years but I can still remember clearly how going through cancer treatment can take away your identity and leave you lacking confidence because you just don't feel or look yourself anymore.  

I was very fortunate to have the skills to create the look of eyebrows and eyelashes that having chemotherapy took away from me and be able to contour my face when the drugs caused it to become so bloated.  However, so many women and teenage girls going through chemotherapy don't have make-up artist skills and therefore, sadly spend this time not only dealing with life saving treatment but also losing their self confidence, femininity and identity.  

So it is extremely important to me to offer a unique one to one service to cancer patients, giving them the opportunity to learn the skills to make themselves feel beautiful again.

I have therefore put together two special packages to allow you to regain confidence in your appearance after what you have been through or are still going through.  ​

make up for cancer survivors, mobile make up london

For all enquiries and bookings please follow the links to my contact page.

Package one 

£80.00 for 1.5 hours

This price includes a half hour consultation and then a one hour make-up lesson.  
During this time I will also give advice on skincare and a lesson in either day or evening make-up.

Package two 

£150.00 for 2.5 hours

This price will include a half hour consultation and then a two hour make-up lesson.  
During this time I will also give advice on skincare and a lesson in both a day and evening make-up. 

* Travel costs are additional and depend on the location


Both packages would teach you the skills to apply your make-up, allowing you to gain valuable confidence especially if you are returning to work after treatment or have a special occasion coming up for which you wanted to feel your best.  Knowing that I have also been through cancer treatment myself, you will have the confidence of knowing that I totally understand your worries and concerns.

I would also encourage you to bring along your own skincare products and make-up to the session so that I can show you how to achieve the look at home with the products you have.

I am also a guest blogger for Breast Cancer Now charity giving make-up and beauty tips and a regular make-up artist for the Look Good, Feel Better charity.

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